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The Gullah Festival Committee of Beaufort, SC

Welcomes and encourages donations and in kind contributions which may be sent to: The Gullah Festival of South Carolina Inc.. PO Box 83, Beaufort, SC. 29901. You may print the form provided at the link below for contributions and mail to the above address. We are open to suggestions for improvements and compliments. Please email your comments to email.

Thank you for your contribution.

To download the Gullah Festival Contribution Form click HERE


Dear Friend:

For eighteen years the Gullah Festival Executive Board has been working hard to bring an awareness of the beautiful customs and cultures of this area to light for all to enjoy. As a result of all our hard work, over the years the Gullah Festival has won many awards on a state and national level. The most recent of these awards are the 2003-04 South Carolina Top Ten Angels award where we were recognized for using 98.6% of all funds raised by the festival and all its related activities. The second award was the Bundy Award presented to us as the top award in the state presented by the Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism (SCPRT) that is given to a small event or festival. As always, we recognize that what we accomplish can be done much more easily if we have good support from our friends and families from here and far away. To that end, we are inviting you to place an ad in our Festival booklet or become a contributor for this year's festival. Here are the details:

If you would like to submit an ad, we are asking that it be camera ready if possible.

Prices of ads are as follows:

Full Page

Half Page

Quarter Page

Eighth Page

Patrons List


$  50.00

$  25.00

$  15.00

$    5.00

If you wish to be a Festival contributor you will be recognized in the following categories and will receive the appropriate gifts listed on the downloadable contribution form at the link provided above.